george Hincapie at Discovery Bike Camp

Bike Camp Photos Here

Bikefest at Ventura promenade

Bike Fest Photos Here

Bob Roll being himself


Passion # 1 is Bike Racing

I have followed bike racing since watching track racing at the Encino Velodrome in the 1970's. We were regulars at the Saturday Night at the races. Then the Tour de France were being broadcast in the 1990's. We went to a race in downtown Ventura put on by the Gold Coast Racing Team. Then I have followed the Garrett Lemire Race in Ojai. I have made several trips to the Home Depot velodrome in Carson with the bike club. I have been fortunate to be able to follow the Tour of California on several stages for the four years that it has been in existence.

Bike Camps

I have been fortunate to have attended several professional bicycling team camps. I took a chance on a Friday afternoon in January 2006 and drove to Ojai. I found the Discovery Team equipment truck at the Ojai Valley Inn!! Page and Photos Here.

BikeFest 2008

In December 2008 Amgen sponsored a bikefest on the Promenade in Ventura. Page and Photos Here.


Bob Roll has been the MC at several shows at the Amgen Campus before the Tour of California starts. Page and Photos Here.

County Classic 2006

A one year race sponsored by Amgen raced behind their campus in Newberry Park. Page and Photos Here.

Garrett Lemire 2004-2008

A memorial race in Ojai in honor of Garrett Lemire. Garrett was raised in Ojai, killed in an Arizona Race and ended a promising career. Lance Armstrong made a surprise appearance in 2005. Page and Photos Here.

San Luis Obispo 2008

My son, Sam, raced in San Luis Obispo in 2008. I met him there and took photos of the race. Page and Photos Here.

Ventura County Stage Race 2009

AEG, Amgen and City of Ventura sponsored a three stage, two day race in Ventura and Ojai in May 2009. Page and Photos Here.




closeup of egret Lance at Garrett Lemire My son, Sam, corners Bike Racer
County Classic 2007 Here Garrett Lemire Photos Here San Luis Obispo 2008 Photos Here VC Stage Race
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