george Hincapie at Discovery Bike Camp

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Bikefest at Ventura promenade

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Bob Roll being himself

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Bike Fest 2008

This was an event held in Ventura, California on December 6th, 2008. It was sponsored by the City of Ventura, Crowne Plaza Hotel, AEG and Amgen Tour of California. It consisted of an Expo, Road Bike Ride over Casitas Pass, Cyclocross event, Ride a Trike and Family Fun Tour. proceeds from the event benefitted Breakaway from Cancer.


event featured a Cycling Sherpa. Riders could bid on cycling personalities to ride with them on the ride. personalities included Ivan Dominguez, Toyota United Cycling Team; Freddie Rodriguez, Rock Racing; Rahsaan Bahati, Rock Racing; Dotsie Busch,Cycling Coach; and Mari Holden, Coaching.

Poster for Bikefest 2008

The Expo was held on the Ventura Promenade along the ocean. Web site is Here.

It was a beautiful, clear and warm December day.

One thing that I became fascinated with was called MoneyLectric. It was a series of LED lights mounted radially on a wheel between the spokes. It would project various images as the wheel turned. It had a moving monkey, Simpson Characters, Anime figures, designs, American Flag and picture of President Barach Obama. Web site is Here.


Banners waving in the breeze by the ocean, Monkey figure on wheel, Ivan Dominguez relaxing after the Bike Sherpa program and Banners in front of host hotel, Crowne Plaza.
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Bob Roll being himself Stuart O'Grady Jens Voigt dave Zabriskie with son

2008 Bikefest
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Ivan Dominguez
Cycling Sherpa
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Giant Banner
in front of
Crowne Plaza
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closeup of egret Lance at Garrett Lemire My son, Sam, corners Bike Racer
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