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"Bobke" is Southern Dutch for "Bobby".

I have been fortunate to be able to attend three Bobke shows at Amgen's Headquarters in Thousand Oaks. The moderator for the event is Bob Roll. He is a former American professional cyclist, author and television announcer for the VERSUS Cable TV Network. VERSUS has the US rights for broadcasting the Tour de France. The Tour is the biggest spectacle in bike racing and has been since it started in 1903. The Tour has 21 stages in three weeks in July. Bob Roll is known for his animated hand gestures while telling a story. This event was at the end of the offseason and he supports a winter long beard. This is shaved off in the next week as he is a commentator at the Tour of California.

The first year in 2007 I wasn't sure about the rules, so didn't bring my camera. Bob Roll put on quite a show. He was sponsored by Amgen Cycling in conjunction with the Breakaway from Cancer ride that is on Sunday. He is quite an entertaining guy. Lots of stories of being on the tour, training and racing.  He said his first professional race in Europe was the Giro de Italia. 28 days of riding with three test days and four transfer days..  Those were the days when they went piano(slow) until the tv's started to cover the race.  He had a hard time getting past the free wine provided.  After a few days of partying and then riding he was pretty wasted.  He was the only one on the 7-Eleven team that understood Italian. So would put a humerous twist on whatever the other riders were saying when he told his teammates what they were talking about.  In Italy he said the riders were all mother's sons,  still very close to there mothers.  They would bash him about in the peloton but then call their mom's after the race.  In 1988 he supported Andy Hampsted in his win of the Giro de Italia In France they got horrible service from the wait staff.  So that is where he started mispronouncing the language to get to them. He had us rolling in the aisles several times.


In 2008 the guests were Stuart O'Grady and Jens Voigt from CSC cycling Team. CSC was having their winter training camp in Agoura that year. Stuart O'Grady is an Australian rider. He was the 2007 winner of the Paris- Roubaix race in Northern France. It is known for its tough conditions and riding over cobbles. It is called "The Hell of the North". He is a stage winner of the Tour de France and held the coveted yellow leader's jersey. Jens Voigt is a German powerhouse that has won several stages and stage racers. he won the overall title in the Deutschland Tour in 2006 and 2007. He also has won a stage in the Tour de France and rode with the Yellow Jersey. Photos are Here.


In 2009 the guest was American Time Trial Champion Dave Zabriskie. He has won stages in all the Grand Tours and held the leaders jersey in the Tour de France for several stages.

He is a quiet, shy man with a wicked sense of humor. He has a product called DZNUTS, that is a chamois cream. Web Site is Here. His son,Waylon, put in an appearance at the start of the show. Photos are Here.


Bob Roll being Himself, Stuart O'Grady, Jens Voigt, Dave Zabriskie with son, Waylon

Bob Roll being himself Stuart O'Grady Jens Voigt dave Zabriskie with son

Bob Roll

Stuart O'Grady
Jens Voigt
Dave Zabriskie


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