george Hincapie at Discovery Bike Camp

Bike Camp
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Bikefest at Ventura promenade

Bike Fest
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Bob Roll being himself

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2007 Discovery Training Camp, Solvang and Ojai, California

I had heard that Discovery Cycling Team was having a camp in Solvang. I took a chance and drove up there. The team was again at the Scandinavian Inn! It was the team photo day so lots of Photographers taking team and road action shots. The riders changed clothing a couple of times as they were advertising Nike Gear. Lance had gone for the day to Las Vegas for a speaking engagement. The big player was Ivan Basso who had just signed with Discovery. I got my picture in the April issue of ProCycling Magazine as I got an autograph of Basso.(editor note Basso would ride the Tour of California for Discovery and later admit he had intended to dope. He would resign from Discovery and serve a two year suspension from pro cycling.) Photos Here.

A page from April Velonews magazine showing me getting Basso's Autograph

Casey Gibson Photograph of Ron Parker in April, 2007 issue of Pro Cycling.

I would then go to the Ojai on Friday and the team rode in from Solvang. Photos Here. Then back again on Saturday for the sponsor ride. I got a number of the pictures autographed that I had taken at Solvang. Photos Here.



George Hincapie 2007 USA Road Champion, Levi Leipheimer gets instructions from Johan, Johan Bruyneel(Team Director), Lance is at the sponsor ride.

George Hincapie, USA Road Champion Stuart O'Grady Jens Voigt dave Zabriskie with son

George Hincapie
2007 USA Road
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Levi Leipheimer
listens to The
Team Director
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Johan Bruyneel
Belgium is the
Team Director
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Lance Armstrong
joins the camp in Ojai
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Karl Bordine wins the county-classic race Lance at Garrett Lemire My son, Sam, corners Bike Racer
County Classic 2007 Here Garrett Lemire Photos Here San Luis Obispo 2008 Photos Here VC Stage Race
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