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Garrett Lemire 2006


The race was run on April 2, 2006. I had acquired a DSLR camera by this time and took some reasonable pictures. This race was run the day after the County Classic in Newbury Park. That race was won by Karl Bordine of Team Labor Power. I focused on taking pictures of Karl during this race. It was a hot day in Ojai. I hung out near the top of the hill to have a chance to take better pictures. The riders are going slower and putting out more effort as this is the part of the race that seperates those that are having a good day from the crowd. The race was won by Alejandro Acton from the TargetTraining Cycling Team. They also took third place for the day with Frank Pipp. Jackson Stewart was second from the Neveda Pro Cycling Team. Karl finished in seventh place for the day. Video follows.




Jackson Stewart; Kodak/ Sierra Nevada Cycling Team cranks it hard, Ivan Dominguez; Team Toyota United trys to bridge across to the breakaway, Alejandro Acton; Team TargetTraining Cycling Team is the winner and the podium is Frank Pipp; Team Targettraining, third place, Alejandro Acton; Team Targettraining, first place, and Jackson Stewart; Team Kodak/Sierra Nevada in second place. Photos Here.


Jackson Stewart pushes hard Ivan Dominguez leads a strung out peloton Alejandro Acton wins the race Men's Pro race Winners

2006 Jackson Stewart Cranks

2006 Ivan Dominguez trys to cross to the breakaway

Alejandro Acton is the winner

Men's Pro Podium




Karl Bordine with trophy Lance at Garrett Lemire My son, Sam, corners Bike Racer
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