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Bikefest at Ventura promenade

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Bob Roll being himself

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Garrett Lemire 2007


The race was run on April 1, 2007. It was another warm and clear day in Ojai.

The kids race was being sponsored by the Channel Islands Bike Club.

The Men's Pro Race had Ricardo Escuela from Team Successful Living animating the action. To be noted is that Team Successful Living is Headquartered in Ventura and Bicycles of Ojai is a sponsor as well as a sponsor for this race. Thus this is their home race. In the last few laps Henk Vogels joined Ricardo. This made the other teams work to bring this group back and Ivan Dominguez could just follow wheels and conserve energy. Ivan then outsprinted his rivals to win the race.

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Successful Living Team member leads the race, Ivan Dominguez leads a Successful living Team Member, Ricardo Escuela of team successful Living leads Henk Vogels near the end of the race and Ivan Dominguez: Toyota United Team wins the Men's pro Race. Photos Here.


Successful Living Team Member leads the peloton Ivan Dominguez leads a Successful Living Team Member Ricardo Escuela leads out Hank Vogels Ivan Dominguez wins the race!!

2007 Successful Living Team animates the race. Photos Here.

Ivan Dominguez leads a Successful Living Rider
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Ricardo Escuela leads Hank Vogels
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Ivan Dominguez wins the Men's Pro Race
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Karl Bordine with winner's trophy Lance at Garrett Lemire My son, Sam, corners Bike Racer
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