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Garrett Lemire 2008


The race was run on April 13, 2006. That is almost two weeks later than the usual time frame. I arrived at the race in time to see the Women Racers depart. Photos Here.

Then the kids race was run. They also had a coloring contest where the kids colored jerseys and won bikes as the reward. The kids race starts by the post office and rushes the length of the arcade some 100 yards to the finish line. They ride in a collection of bikes at different age groups. They ride on a collection of bikes from tricycles to mountain bikes to road bikes. The winners of the age groups also get new bikes. I submitted the picture of the girl on the podium in the pink outfit to the Astana Team Giro Contest. I won a signed photo of Alberto Contrador, Levi Leipheimer and Johan Bruyneel. Photos Here.


Pro Men line up to race

Then the Men's Pro Race. It was quite a hot day by then. The difference is made on the hill on the course and that it where I took pictures from. It was a war of attrition with the hill and the heat and the peloton stayed together until the end. Last year's winner, Ivan Dominguez, had enough with one lap to go and pulled out. The race was won by Kyle Gritters: Team Health Net, second place was his teammate John Murphy and third place was Hilton Clarke; Toyota-United. Karl Bordine finished in sixth place. Photos Here.




Ojai Tower, Pink Girl, Kyle Gritters; Team Health Net; addresses the crowd after winning the Men's Pro Race and Men's Pro Podium.

Ojai Post Office Tower Pink Girl on the podium with a helping hand Kyle Gritters address the crowd after winning the race Men's Pro race Winners

2008 Ojai Post Office Tower Women's Race Photos Here.

2008 Pink Girl won me a signed Astana Team
Photos Here.

Kyle Gritters, Team Health Net, is the winner of Men's Pro Race
Photos Here.

Men's Pro Podium

Photos Here.





Karl Bordine with winner's trophy Lance at Garrett Lemire My son, Sam, corners Bike Racer
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