Photography by Ronald J. Parker and Yvonne Adan

Eastern Sierra

Bristlecone: Day 5

Now we are headed south, back to Bishop. We stopped at the Mountain Light Gallery of the late Galen Rowell. He was a National Geographic photographer that was a mountain and rock climber. He travelled the world for pictures about the light at exotic locations. He travelled to all seven continents and both polar regions. He had a special interest in the Himalayas. He created a line of graduated filters so that the sky could be darkened in his landscapes. We found his photographs totally oversaturated. Then it was on to Schat’s bakery for a loaf of Sheepherder Bread and some sandwiches for lunch. We were on our way to Big Pine for the road to the White Mountains. The road and creek bed became one on our way to the turnoff. At one point it was a single lane wide with cliffs on both sides. It appeared if it rained that it was also the creek bed. We stopped at Sierra Vista for our lunch. The ground was covered with shale and trees were stunted. There was a thunderstorm coming in from the west and fortunately missed our location. It is not smart to be at the highest point during a thunderstorm.

Shulman Grove

Then we were onto some gravel roads to Schulman Grove at 10,000 feet. The lodge had burned the year before so only a trailer of exhibits. We took the Discovery Trail and found it hard going to climb at this elevation. The bristlecone trees are amazing in many respects. They grow very slowly as rainfall is limited. They are in the rain shadow of the Sierras. The wood is very hard and dense. The trees section off damaged areas so only a fraction of a tree may be living. Shulman discovered the extreme age of the trees in 1953. He found some trees to be over 4000 years old. That makes them the oldest living things. They carry the climate record in their growth rings. Web Site is Here.Then we went down the hill to Lone Pine for dinner and the last evening of our trip.


Shale covered ground at Sierra Vista, only portions of trees endure, the grain of trees shows interesting patterns, strange shapes are formed.(Click for Ron's Photos HERE) Living Bristlecone against the clouds. (Click for Yvonne's Photos HERE.)


Shale covered groundbristlcone pine grain patterns around a knot head shape in wood bristlecone pine against sierra backdrop

Alabama Hills rocks Mono Lake Photo town of Bodie Photo Bristlecone Pine Tree Photo


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Mono Lake

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Bristlecone Pines

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