Photography by Ronald J. Parker and Yvonne Adan

Eastern Sierra

Alabamas:Day 2

W e arrived in Lone Pine for lunch after taking a trip to the west into the Alabama Hills.  West of the hills is a road called Movie Road.  It is a gravel road that is the area where many Western movies were filmed. We have all seen this area in movies as they started filming here with silent films. Here is a link for some places to visit on Movie Road.

Tom Mix, Hopalong Cassidy, Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, John Wayne,  are some of the Stars to have filmed here. Other familiar names worked here too: Clint Eastwood, Jack Palance, Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward, Gregory Peck, Spencer Tracy, Alan Ladd, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemon and Natalie Wood, just to name a few. Movies such as Gunga Din(1939), Rawhide(1951), High Sierra(1941) and Charge of the Light Brigad(1936) were also filmed here.  Tremors(1990-1996) series of movies were filmed here.  Also recently the teeter totter Toyota commercials were filmed here. A search on IMDB(Internet Movie Database) shows 316 references for Lone Pine as the location for filming.

Our Trip

We stopped at one marked site for Gunga Din South of Whitney Portal Road on Horseshoe Meadow Road.  The clouds were moving and it was threatening rain. We also stopped at a picnic area where the creek made a nice background sound.  The clouds made a nice contrast to the rocks. Then we were on to Manzanar to take the tour in the new visitor center.  In the 70’s this was the equipment garage for Inyo Road Department. It was the internment center of Japanese descendents during World War 2. Then back into Lone Pine for dinner.  We tried going back into the Alabama Hills for sunset pictures but the Sierras cast a long shadow.  We did get some good shots of the White Mountains on the East side of the valley.

white mountains at dusk


Rounded rocks with Sierras in background, Leanin rock with clouds, Monkey painted on rock, Sunset on White Mountains (Photos HERE), Yvonne's photos of Alabama Hills(Photos HERE) and Cemetery marker at Manzanar(Photos HERE)

cliff face with slihouette mushroom rock fingers of rock rock layers
view of alabamas with sierras behind cemetery monument    

Alabama Hills rocks Mono Lake Photo town of Bodie Photo Bristlecone Pine Tree Photo


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Mono Lake

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Bristlecone Pines

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