Photography by Ronald J. Parker and Yvonne Adan

Eastern Sierra

Bodie: Day 4

We started out the day by taking a drive up to Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort. We saw the large lines of people waiting for the shuttle bus to Devil’s Postpile National Monument. We stopped at the Earthquake Fault picnic area. There was quite a hole in the ground and you could see where the rocks would fit together. Then back through the scenic drive to highway 395. and on North. We drove over several miles of gravel road to Bodie. We ate the lunch we had brought at the picnic ground. There was a steady breeze blowing. Then we did a walking tour of Bodie. The buildings were well preserved. In a lot of areas the outside of the buildings were covered with what appeared to be the square tin that kerosene would have come in. I’m sure that was to keep out the wind in an area that was windy and could get to 40 degrees below zero. The peak population in Bodie was 10,000 souls. The peak population was for one year as normally only 2 to 3,000 were needed to work the mines and city. It was a desolate area where all the supplies had to be brought in.

Most of the city burned in 1932. The mine started one of the first hydroelectric generation stations with long range electric transmission. They used this to run the electric motor that powered all the machinery for mining and ore processing. Eventually the mine got so deep that it required too much effort to keep the mine dry. The town has rangers staying there year round and is sure to be out of contact during the winter. Web site for the town is HERE. After the tour we drove back to Mammoth Lakes. I took a relaxing dip in the Jacuzzi.

Duotone weathered power pole

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bodie street panoramic

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Church in Bodie, Lone house with outhouse, Machinery from Mine and House with fancy sun porch. Ron's Photos of Bodie Here. Leaning House Yvonne's Bodie Here.

old church isolated cabin with outhouse old mine machinery sun porch reveals wealth of owner leaning building in Bodie
Methodist Church in Bodie Here Lone House in Bodie Here Mining Equipment in Bodie Here House with sunporch Here Yvonne's Bodie Photos Here


Alabama Hills rocks Mono Lake Photo town of Bodie Photo Bristlecone Pine Tree Photo


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Mono Lake

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