Photography by Ronald J. Parker and Yvonne Adan

Eastern Sierra

Mono Lake: Day 3

We continued our trip up the Owens Valley.   The highway is being widened through Independence and will some have two lanes in both directions for most of the Valley.  They were also working on the highway on the Sherman Grade up to Tom’s Place.  We stopped for lunch in Mammoth Lakes to get the lay of the land as I had never been there before.  We took the scenic highway route back to 395 through some nice pine forest land.

Visitor Center

We stopped at the visitor center for Mono Lake and found out about the lake.  There are no fish in the lake and no outlet.  It is three times saltier than the ocean.  Only brine shrimp and some Alkali Fly larva grow in the lake.  DWP of Los Angeles lost a lawsuit over diverting all the water entering the lake.  The level had dropped forty feet from start year of 1941 and one of the islands had a land bridge.  This allowed coyotes to ransack the nesting California Gull population.  The lake level has been rising since injunction in place in 1994 and will eventually reach a certain level as creek water from four streams restores it.  One of the main features are the Tufa formations along the south shore. They are formed when calcium rich springs erupt from the lake bottom, mix with the carbonate from the water and deposit the calcium carbonate in tufa towers. Website for Mono Lake is HERE. We proceeded North over the Conway Summit to Bridgeport and then on to Twin Lakes. It was a very relaxing place with great views of glaciers in the Sierras.  Then back to Bridgeport for a ice cream snack. Bridgeport was preparing for a 4th of July party and red, white and blue bunting was everywhere.

Tufa Grove at Sunset

Then back to the South Shore of Mono Lake for sunset and after sunset pictures of tufa in quiet reflecting waters. We proceeded to Mammoth Lakes for dinner and a good night's rest.


Sierra view from Twin Lakes, Tufa field reflected in Mono Lake, Tufa against clouds sky, After sunset glow with foam. Ron's Photos HERE. Yvonne's Photos HERE.

Sierra Glacier reflected tufa tufa against clouds reflected pick sky in lake South Coast of Mono Lake

Alabama Hills rocks Mono Lake Photo town of Bodie Photo Bristlecone Pine Tree Photo


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Mono Lake

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Bristlecone Pines

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