Photography by Ronald J. Parker and Yvonne Adan

Eastern Sierra

Red Rock Canyon: Day 2

We were up very early after an uncomfortable night on a rock hard bed.  The east sky was just starting to lighten up. We arrived at Red Rock Canyon with one other hiker/photographer. I set up on a tripod and started with 3 sec exposures.  We were in the shadow of a hill, so the good light took some time to reach the bottom of the rocks we were interested in.  Then I took a walk closer to the cliffs to get a good close-up of fingers of rock.  They looked like human fingers with a thumb. Then back to motel to get the last of the continental breakfast.  They had two waffle makers so I made a waffle.  It was good. Then on the road to retrace our path to Red Rock and beyond.

red rock cliffs


Top of cliff in light with bottom silhouette, mushroom shape in front of cliff, fingers of sandstone rock and texture of rock face. Ron's Photos Here. Shadows playing on cliff face. Yvonne's Photos Here.

cliff face with slihouette mushroom rock fingers of rock rock layers shadows playing on rock formation

Alabama Hills rocks Mono Lake Photo town of Bodie Photo Bristlecone Pine Tree Photo


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Mono Lake

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Bristlecone Pines

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