Photography by Ronald J. Parker and Yvonne Adan

Eastern Sierra

Windmills:Day 1

Originally our plans were to travel to Lone Pine on Monday. Then Yvonne had Sunday off. I came up with this brainstorm to leave on Sunday and stay overnight in Tehachapi. This would allow us to make a sunrise trip to Red Rock Canyon. We had made a trip last year to Tehachapi. Our trip to Red Rock was in midmorning. Besides being close to 100 degrees the light was directly overhead and not conducive to great landscape photography. So we drove up interstate 5 and made the cutoff to the Antelope Valley. We came over the southern approach to Tehachapi. We stopped near the top of the approach to take some pictures of the windmills. The newer windmills are very large and graceful. They have large white supports and three large propellers. We saw one arm of the propellers lying on the ground and it was about 4 feet in diameter where it attached to the hub. Then we checked into the motel at the east side of town.


We had a nice dinner at City Slickers Restaurant near downtown. Last time we were there the historic train station had just burned down. They have started to rebuild. After dinner we drove east of the city and took pictures of the windmills as the sun was setting. Some of the original design of the towers was not as graceful as the new towers. We took pictures near the cement plant and train tracks. We took some silhouette pictures of one of the towers at the plant. Also we took pictures of one of the many trains that travel through this busy corridor. Last year we took pictures at the Tehachapi Loop where trains travel in circles to gain and lose elevation as they travel on the main north south train corridor from the San Joaquin Valley to Mojave. Many trains have three engines on the front and three engines on the back on a long line of train cars. Some areas have double tracks and other areas have single tracks. The trains go through several tunnels as they leave Tehachapi. It would be extremely difficult to have double tracks in those areas.


Windmills at pass, windmills at sunset, cement plant, train headed toward hills.

multiple windmills windmills on hill cement plant tower train engines

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