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Mellow Johnny's

I visited my daughter, Tabitha, in Austin for the holidays in 2008. We visited Mellow Johnny's on December 23, 2008. We also were with my son, Sam. Sam was wearing a Roaring Mouse Team hat which was recognized by two of the Mellow Johnny employees. They were San Francisco Bay area transplants.

Mellow Johnny's has several art pieces as decorations. It also has a set of Lance's Jerseys from his seven Tour de France wins. It has four of Lance's Tour de France bikes hanging in the helmet display area. This is at the back of Juan Pelota Cafe. It has a Hincapie Discovery Channel Time Trial Bike hanging near the cash registers. They converted one of the dressing rooms into a Track Shack where components for track/fixie bikes are displayed. Behind the mechanic area are frames of bikes from Lance and College Time Trial win at Boerne in 2008.

Downstairs is the area of high end bikes. There is a bikefit studio and the Pedalhard Studio of Kevin Livingston. Lance has done several Lactose Threshold tests here. In cold winter months Lance trains here. There were jerseys from the 2007 Discovery Channel win of Contrador in Tour de France. Also his 2008 win in Giro de Italia. There were posters of stage wins by Hincapie, Savodelli and Armstrong. There was Steve Cummings bike from Giro de Italia. Also there was Popovich TT bike from Tour de France.

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Mellow Johnny's next to Condo Building, Seven Yellow Tour de France Jerseys, Posters on brick wall, Hincapie TT Bike and Lance signed portrait on brushed aluminum..

seven yellow jerseys posters on brick wall hincapie time trial bike portrait of lance