Photography by Ronald J. Parker


One of our favorite places to go is Aquariums. That is especially true if they have photographic expositions.

Monterey Aquarium

I had taken a trip to Monterey in December, 2006 to meet with my son, Sam and his girlfriend. We took a trip to the Monterey Aquarium as a highlight to the trip. The low light conditions of the aquarium made it hard to take good pictures of the fish in the tanks. I got my best pictures of the jellyfish. They were awesome. Web site of Monterey Aquarium is HERE.

My Photos are HERE.


Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

I visited my son in February, 2009. I had come to Northern California early before the Tour of California. On Monday I went to the Astana Team Camp in Santa Rosa to take pictures and get some pictures and posters signed. So during the week it was a short walk over to the Golden Gate Park. I walked through several areas of the park including past the Japanese Tea Garden and the Arboretum.

I found myself at the newly opened California Academy of the Sciences. It is the combination of a Natural History Museum, Aquarium, all digital Planetarium and 4-story Tropical Rainforest in an Earth friendly building. Web site is HERE.

I found the combination of attractions to be quite interesting. There is a definite path to go through the museum. You need a separate reservation to see the planetarium show. It is a spectacular video presentation that takes you on a flyover from the planetarium to the Galapagos Islands and then for a cruise out of the solar system to a tour of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is essential an IMAX theatre included in price of admission.

The exit leads you to a view of the Living Roof. Then to the bottom of the Rainforest where you are inside a sealed airspace with birds and butterflies. This is a little sparse on vegetation but should fill in with time.Then down the elevator and out into the aquarium tunnel that leads you under the aquarium of the Philippine Coral Reef. They have added lighting above the water areas as bright as sunlight. Photos are HERE.




jellyfish at the monterey aquarium Ca. Academy of Sciences

Monterey Aquarium, Monterey

Photos HERE

Ca. Academy of Sciences, San Francisco Photos HERE