Photography by Ronald J. Parker

Birds at Seashore, Fish Hatchery and Fire

I've always enjoyed photographing birds. Some of my favorite locations to take pictures of birds at the Seashore by Channel Islands and Hueneme Harbors, at the outfall of the Ventura River and the Fillmore Fish Hatchery.

Seashore Birds are searching at the edge of the surf for food. They are in the Sandpiper family of birds. Photos are Here.

The Fillmore Fish Hatchery is a great attraction for Herons and Egrets. Trout pilferage has been reduced by putting a net over the top of the hatchery but birds still congregate at the West end of the hatchery. These are Black Crowned Night Herons, Great White Egrets and Great Blue Herons. It is hard to have your camera focus through the chain link fence but the birds come close by. Photos are Here.

By taking picture of birds at sunset you can get some amazing pictures of birds on what appears to be flaming water. Photos are Here.


two birds at the seashore night heron with loose feathers bird ion fire

Birds at the Seashore
Photos Here

Fillmore Fish Hatchery
Photos HERE

Birds on Fire Water
Photos HERE