Photography by Ronald J. Parker


One of our favorite places to go is Museums and Aquariums. That is especially true if they have photographic expositions.


Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena

We traveled to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena on 3-20-2008. We had a good time viewing an photographing the permanent collection. This included works by Cezanne, Picasso, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. We took a break in the gardens and enjoyed many sculptures by Henry Moore. Web site is HERE. Our photos are HERE.


Getty Villa, Malibu

We traveled to the newly refurbished Getty Villa in Malibu on 1-17-2008. You need to make parking reservations and tell them how many people are in your party. There is a parking fee per car but no entry charge. Web site for both the Getty Villa and Getty Center is HERE. The parking is much approved after the renovation but you need to walk father from the new parking structure. You first view of museum is the panorama above. There is a new dining area and bookstore in middle of above picture, Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities arranged by themes including Gods and Goddesses, Dionysos and the Theater, and Stories of the Trojan War The Getty Villa is modeled after a first-century Roman country house, the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum, Italy. Photos are HERE.


Getty Center, Santa Monica

The Getty Center in Santa Monica is a favorite as they have may Photographic Expositions. The web site is shared with the Getty Villa HERE. The buildings and gardens are magnificent. They are perched on a hill above the San Diego Freeway and overlook West LA and Santa Monica. Photos are HERE.


de Young Museum, San Francisco

Across from the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park is the de Young Museum. This is one the main art museum of San Francisco. The building is unique with its perforated metal exterior and tower that is larger at the top then the bottom. At the top of the tower is an observation room that is a floor to ceiling expanse of glass with a 360 degree view of Golden Gate Park and west park of the city. When I visited there was a display of glass art. Web site is HERE. Photos are HERE.

norton simon museum getty villa reflecting pool getty center with sculpture Tower of De Young museum,in San Francisco

Norton Simon, Pasadena
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Getty Villa Photos HERE

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de Young Museum, San Francisco

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