Photography by Ronald J. Parker

Fiery Water

One of my favorite things to do is take a walk on the beach at sunset. Sometimes the best pictures are before the sun goes down and other times it is after the sun sets.

Mouth of Ventura River

A place I like to take a walk at is the Ventura River Mouth. I park at a small lot on Main Street just past the Freeway overpass and next to the Ventura River. This particular time the river water was exiting the mouth of the river in an unusual manner. It was exiting on the southeast side after doubling back just before the ocean. The sky had some ribbons of clouds that were being lit with orange light from the sun that had set minutes before. You could pick the color that you wanted the water between the rocks along the shore. Photos are HERE.

Magu Rock

Another favorite place is Magu Rock. There was a weather report of heavy south swells. We took a trip to Point Magu at sunset. Photos are HERE.

Port Hueneme Harbor

A favorite place to walk is the new path from Hueneme Beach to Port Hueneme Harbor. They have added an asphalt path and lighting. HERE are some photos of the edge of the ocean interacting with the setting sun. I have taken some photos HERE of reflected light on the ocean.

rocks in red water sunset reflected light on wave splash the edge of water with sun reflection diagonal of refelected fire  
Fiery Water Splash Sand Sun Water Diagonal Fire