Photography by Ronald J. Parker

California Poppies

In the spring we have made trips to the California Poppy Preserve west of Lancaster in the Antelope Valley.


In 2008 the display was spectacular. We could see the poppies from Highway 14 in Lancaster some 15 miles away. They were an amazing orange color that almost hurt your eyes. This area usually has steady high winds. In nearby Tehachapi is located one of the world's largest wind farms. We found a time when the winds were low. That made sure the poppies were wide open and photogenic. There were many other photographers on site as well. One I recall had a panoramic film camera.

There were carpets of poppies mixed with goldfields, fiddlenecks, lupine and other flowers. Across the road from the Poppy Preserve there was a herd of sheep chomping on poppies with great abandon. Pictures are HERE!


In 2009 I had more poppies in my front yard. We planted a few packets of seeds about five years ago. The first year we had a couple of plants. They have multiplied over the yearsto a nice spring display. Front yard poppies HERE!

The year long drought and very warm weather in January combined to have a very poor year for poppies at the Poppy Preserve. There were abundant g0ldfields, fiddleneck and some lupine to make some photography possible. The winds were up the day we were there and it was chilly. Photos are HERE.

limp flag=no wind field of poppies contrasting orange poppy and blue sky windy flags mixed flowers
2008 wind 2008 poppies Poppies at home 2009 wind A few poppies