Photography by Ronald J. Parker and Yvonne Adan

Death Valley

De Young Museum- Sunday


Golden Gate Park is just a short walk from my son's place. You enter the park near the De Young Museum with the Academy of the Sciences across the way. The Japanese garden is down on the right and Arboretum across and to the right. It was Sunday so all traffic is blocked from this area of the park. So bicycles, skaters, joggers, walkers and the occasional bus have the street to themselves and there are a lot of them.


We walked over and spent some time in the sculpture garden while we waited for Wendy to arrive. Then entered and went up into the tower. It has a commanding view of this area of Golden Gate Park as well as the Western Area of the city. You can see the tops of the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. Finally we met up with Wendy.

The Museum had an exhibit of fashion by a Spanish designer said to be the "Pablo Picasso of Fashion". His name was Cristobal Belanciaga. He was forced to leave Spain because of the civil war in the late 1930's. He ended up in Paris and was a fashion force through the end of the twentieth century. Yvonne's comment was that the designs are very modern and could be worn now without comment.

We then had lunch on the outdoor patio but needed to stay in the sun as it wasn't a warm day. We then went through the Olmec:Colossal Masterworks of Ancient Mexico Exhibit. This was an exhibit of the Giant heads found in Mexico from a long lost civilization.


View from De Young Museum Tower of Western San Francisco and Golden Gate Bridge.View from DeYoung Tower of Golden Gate Bridge

View from De young Tower View from De young Towe View from De Young Tower

Street empty of vehicles

View of ghardens from the tower

View across the park to the Academy of Sciences

Photo of multiple man at yerba buena gardens Alabama Hills rocks Walker River
            Tufa in winter colors

Yerba Buena Gardens

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Lake Tahoe

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Walker River

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Mono Lake

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Golden Canyon

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Desert Flowers

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