Photography by Ronald J. Parker and Yvonne Adan

Death Valley

Death Valley- Thur./Fri.

We took a ride through the Alabamas and then headed East to Death Valley. It was very windy in Death Valley with sand whipping in sand dune area by Stove Pipe Wells. We stopped at the Harmony Borax works. We took a ride through the Artist Drive but hard to exit car without wind wanting to whip open the car doors. Then a walk up Golden Canyon. The wind was not as strong there. Then back to Furnace Creek for the night. We stayed in a 1920's era cabin that was originally for the workers. It still had rope pull windows but did have air conditioning and a overhead fan. It is interesting to note that Furnace Creek supplies housing for the people that work there. Also they have installed in 2008 a one megawatt photovoltaic solar array that supplies 30% of the elecrticity used at the resort. We had a nice dinner(but expensive) at the resort's restaurant. Thye next day we went through the small museum specializing on mineral exhibits and borax mining history. The lady working in the Museum said she was from Houston, Tx. She couldn't find any work locally so has been on the National Parks Circuit. She has now worked at a couple of the National Parks. She said in the summer busloads of European Toursits came through. They want to say they have been in the hottest, lowest place in Western Hemisphere. They had a nice outdoor exhibit as well. Then on our way south. We stopped at arch rock trail but did not investigate. Also stopped at Ashworth Mill. There were more flowers near the mill almost making a carpet of color. Then on to Shoshone which also appears to be in an arrested state. Then on to Baker and Barstow for the night.

What is an interesting comparison is some of the pictures taken in 1972/3 to the current 2011 photos.


At the South end of Death Valley are more colorful rocks.South end of Death Valley

1972/3 photo of Ashworth Mill Jehan at Bawater 1972/3 Father at Furnace Creek
1972/3 Ashworth Mill 1972/3 Jehan at Badwater 1972/3 Father at Furnace Creek
Ashworth Mill 2011 Yvonne at Badwater Furnace creek Wheels

2011 Ashworth Mill

(Notice right beam down
on ground, erosion to
aggregate of front wall)

2011 Badwater

(Notice decking built
around springs)

2011 Wheels for hauling lumber
Ron standing by 20 mule team borax wagon in 1972/3 1972/3 Arch Rock 1972/3 view from southern Death Valley

1972/3 Ron by Borax Wagon
(This wagon has been moved
to area in front of resort)

1972/3 Arch Rock 1972/3 Southern Death Valley
2011 Borax wagon 2011 Golden canyon 2011 Death Valley canyon
2011 Borax Wagon @ Harmony
Borax Mine
2011 Golden Canyon 2011 Death Valley Canyon

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